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Safe Load Tests

PC Divers Service is performing annual quadrennial load tests, as well as on demand load tests. We are open for cooperation and can accomodate to any of our Clients’ needs.


Whole range of water bags

PC Divers Service posses the whole range of load test water bags including 100 tons water bag. Our Company may perform any load test – Port Commercial Service provides tailor made solutions suitable even to the strictiest conditions.

Services for all marine industry

Typical equipment tested by PC DIvers Service is located on passenger ships, cargo vessels, heavy industry facilities, ports, yards and container-transshipment terminals. We are also cooperating with hydroelectric power plants and ship owners.

Professional preparation

All water bags are cleaned both internally and externally before and after mobilization at our facilities to ensure ANS (Aquatic Nuisance Species) are not inadvertently transported to other sites.

Safe Services

Water bags are inspected before each use paying particular attention to any damage which may have occurred during previous use, storage and transportation.

Constant Development

The development of advanced design of various water bags has greatly increased the practicality, economy and safety of providing proof and certified load testing in many applications such as cranes, derricks, davits, winches, lifeboats, ramps and lifts.

How it works?

Water weights are specifically designed to provide a test load using water in place of traditional solid weights for load testing. This certified system allows for a safe and practical method for load testing of gantry-cranes, cranes, crane jibs, davits, lifeboats, elevators, counterweights, various lifting equipment and much more specialised equipment.

The water bag is delivered to load test location and prepared to be used during load test. After proper safety-check of the area adjacent to load test location and other filling-in of Load Test Checklist, when every parameter is safe and equipment operator is aware of the whole load test process we start the test. After performed test our personnel disassemble the whole equipment and prepare Test Certificate. It is all handled through our load inspection company Port Commercial Service.

Services of experienced specialists.

We provide our services in all European countries.

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Our last projects

We have completed many projects for our clients. Each of them allowed us to develop our potential and gain new experiences. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our latest projects.