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Diving Training

Our Team of skilled Instructors is ready for all kind of challenges. We will help you master the art of diving.

We are training

+ Divers III class, + Divers II class; + Diving works manager III class; + Diving works manager II class; + Diving Systems Operators.​

Additional training

+ Renewal of diver's diploma for participants who meet the requirements for such renewal; + Renewal of diver's diploma for participants who do not meet the requirements for such renewal.

Trained and experienced Instructors

Good atmosphere during training sessions and top-level of safety standards are paramount values for us. Participate and see on your own! It's worth it.

Diving Training Centre​

It is worth to work with us!
+ More than 10 years of experience;
+ Well trained and experienced Staff;
+ Perfect location of Diving Training Centre;
+ Specialist equipment;
+ Market demand on properly trained divers;
+ Constant cooperation with the companies from wind turbines sector;
+ Adaptation of our training programmes to market changes.

Choose your own path and become a Professional Diver!

Services of experienced specialists.

We provide our services in all European countries.

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Our last projects

We have completed many projects for our clients. Each of them allowed us to develop our potential and gain new experiences. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our latest projects.